Jack Reacher: movie review

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This is not a date-night movie, even for a couple that enjoys action. The trailers highlight the more amusing lines from the film, but the actual movie plays out as a gritty, believable thriller. There is a surprisingly low body-count, but the characters who are despatched are done so with brutal efficiency – even the good guys. Aside from a general lack of blood, there are no punches held. Cruise likes to typecast himself as main characters with mysterious pasts, a great deal of talent for hand-to-hand combat, firearms , and fast cars, and this is no exception. This is a formula that works very well; one that Cruise is very skilled at portraying convincingly. Jack Reacher, however, is a good deal more intelligent than the average action flick, with a decent amount of intrigue and detective work thrown into a good mix of action and solid dialogue. Watching Jack Reacher gives you...

robs amazing post!

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Plans to block online pornography in the UK

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The UK Prime Minister has announced plans to implement a “porn filter” to all UK internet users. The system will be opt-out (the filters will be in place by default). Ostensibly this will be to stop children viewing porn, crack down on child pornography, and also make it illegal to show depictions of rape. Any reasonably experienced computer user will know these filters will do laughably little to actually “protect” children from the so-called dangers of online pornography. The PM clearly has no idea about the technological implications of his proposal. VPNs, proxies, encrypted searches, even changing the word “porn” to “PRONZ” would defeat the proposed filters. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to have your internet filtered (and that is a reasonable thing – even if you don’t want to look at porn, you may have objections...

My stance on online movie piracy

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The only way to combat piracy is to offer a better service than the pirates. Option 1 (legal): wait six months for the DVD to be available in your country, then visit a store, purchase the movie/tv show (plus box and a bunch of extras and adverts you didn’t want) for $30, then go home and put the DVD into your DVD player. Watch 5 minutes of trailers and then enjoy your movie. Option 2(illegal): Download the movie/tv show for free the instant it becomes available and have it ready to watch in an hour or less. Take risk of possible viruses, poor quality etc. Watch movie and feel slightly guilty.   If I could have access to a high-quality movie with a powerful server backing it up so that download times are minimal, of course I’d pay money. Don’t expect me to do something the way we did 20 years ago when technology can make it faster and more accessible.The fault...


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How I love town. It’s got everything I need; lots of food, arcades, hardware shops… and constant sources of humour. Where else do you see a dog wearing shoes, a horse playing a clarinet, or hilarious, surprisingly well-thought-out graffiti? Check out the gallery below! You’ll need to zoom to see the hilarious graffitiPost no what!?Also clearly labeledClearly labeledSHOES, I tell you!Bizarre reactive artwork. A little laggy, but kind of cool. There’s something deep and almost nostalgic about large cities – pick any one you like, they all evoke a similar feeling in me. It’s so hard to describe. Firstly, towns are so man-made – but not made by just one person. They’re made by so many people, that the environment becomes almost natural in its development. Buildings sprawl on top of other buildings, places find themselves covered over and...

Love that Phone

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The story: My lady-wife has made some great friends recently and has become a text-aholic. Trouble was, her phone was not ideal for the task – resistive touch-screens require a fair amount of force, and the phone’s poor dictionary was generally unable to resolve any mistakes in typing, meaning that a single fumble meant deleting your whole word. So I decided that it was time she had a Smartphone (as opposed to Dumb Phone – which, looking at the design of her old phone, makes a lot of sense). She said she would be happy with my old iPhone 2g, which I was happy to give her because, whatever flaws it has, it’s wonderful to text on. So I needed a new phone. My understanding of the world of phones was thus: iPhone: +Powerful +Lots of high-quality applications +Very easy to text upon +Stunning Camera -Very expensive ($1000+ without a plan) -Does not sync wirelessly...

The Almighty

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Spoiler alert! This blog post has references to the most recent (at time of writing) episode of The Almighty Johnsons (a great all-Kiwi TV show if you’re not already into it). In this episode, Axl accidentally transforms himself into a woman with his God-powers. I really like unintentional-shapeshifting stories. What fascinates me is how your feelings toward the character change. Not only out of sympathy for their position; they’re in a body they don’t understand and are terrified they may never regain their original form. This fear is something I think anyone can relate to. Even if the character was pleased with the new form, they would suffer from a lack of their established identity with others. What I find even more interesting than this is the case of a gender-swap. When the character is changed from one gender to another, the way other characters interact with...

Hackintosh: A second-hand build

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